Sunday, April 7, 2013

Putting on Skinny jeans

I Don't know about the rest of you, but I hate shopping. I have lost considerable weight and am still not as thin as I want. One of the things I just hate is shopping for clothes. My "girls" are still the same size they were before I lost weight. And, after I had corrective surgery to remove excess skin and liposuction surgery, the only thing I had to show my gender definitively, was my girls. I have to wear boys jeans. Its okay. I'd rather have a flat ass and no thighs than to be back in a size 24.

Tugging, pulling, grasping hard
The time is now past three
I cannot say I was breathing well
I'm dizzy and cannot see

Hopping, stomping, bending, squatting
This is going great
Let me tuck my pockets in
to get these on by eight

Six o'clock is coming fast
My face is turning red
my lips are blue and purple now
I'm bent back on the bed

I  tune the music to play louder
No one can hear my cries
Three more inches and I'll have it
Tears flow from my eyes

My toes are numb my arms are weak
The button has gone through
Now if I could just stand up
There's not much left to do

This is silly, such a folly
I just cannot think straight
My friends have left without me now
Since it’s well past eight

Hooray! I wore my skinny jeans
I put on them on tonight
I even got them past my thighs
Though they were too tight

I'd take them off and grab a dress
but can't get off the bed
I have no feelings in my trunk
Darkness engulfs my head


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