Thursday, April 4, 2013

Insomnia Works

After 36 hours without sleep, It's interesting to look back over the past day and a half and think about how stress and fatigue can play a positive role in my creativity. In my life I found that I write poems best when I am angry, stressed, or just frustrated.  So, now after all this time, I've been working two days without sleep in between.  I have never tried to intentionally write a poem "just because". I don't know how much a role fatigue plays on my ability to write. But, here you go.


Thinking and reading
sitting alone
No sleep for the weary
Sore to the bone

Insomnia sucks
It's really true
When you hit 50
it could happen to you

Menopause, PMS
Stress is my friend
Carrying rhymes
In my head to the end

No patience for stupid
Or love for the brood
Living on RX
No desire for food

leave me alone
I can only ask please
Tears swell up 
I fall to my knees

I cry for you pity
Can't deal with your tease
I slither to slumber
and caress the ZZZZ's


Got it right the first time. So, its true for me: poetry flows when I involve emotion.

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