Saturday, April 27, 2013


One of the hardest lessons I have had to learn as a adult is the philosophical statement "Just because someone is nice to you, that doesn't mean they like you". I've always been so honest with my feelings about others. That, if I didn't like you, I ignored you, didn't talk to you and avoided you rather than talking to you. Yet, I was so blind to others lies, pretentiousness and deceit, I never knew how far it could go until...

Tell me why I gave a damn, or wonder if you care
Tell me why I needed you, or ask if you are even there
Is it your acceptance that I seek to gain each day?
Working in your shadow hearing the things you say

Is it the loyalty you’ve earned, or my mistaken grace?
That flowed from me freely as I sat here in my place
You’ve really not done much, but listen as I cried
You offered a kind word now and then. I wonder if you lied

Tell me! Who are you now? I see through your poor guise.
Your Midwestern conservative robe has fallen before my eyes
The sun is setting quickly cold sets across my land
I am seeing more clearly now. So, I will take a stand.

You may not know you betrayed me and I may not tell you so
You may not even notice me gone. But still, I shall go
I will not be the butt of your jokes, or the one to scorn silently
Instead you’ll find another one to mock diligently

My character is all I have to show or dictate what I say
But instead I’ll wear a frown, withdrawal and quietly walk away
You’ll be left in your position missing just one friend
Quietly, I will retreat and you’ll never remember the end

I now can see your frailties and know the truth I see
You no longer hold my heart; I’ll no longer stand with thee
It’s funny how we hid our truth and wear robes of colors bright
But yours has fallen from my eyes and I bid to you, “good night”

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