Friday, April 5, 2013

It doesn't have to rhyme to be a poem

 It doesn't have to rhyme to be a poem

So, last night I got a whole night's sleep. Awesome. Well, If you can say getting woke by a stray phone call at 4:30's a full night's sleep. Today was a wonderful day. Everything went right. I got everything done I planned to do at work. Working in a position where I work cases that change people's lives, I try to always keep a positive outlook. So, although my office wasn't able to accept any of our customer's claims that I worked, I had an awesome day.

I got home, ran the vacuum, ran a load of laundry and zapped my dinner. Life is good. So, whats my point? This poem took an hour and a half. I struggled. I pined. I even whined to my daughter. Nothing worked. I'm just too happy to whip out the rhyme. HAPPY!!! Sad. So, Conflicted!!! 

My Mom's Messy House

Sitting in my room, no lights
Cable's out and one shoe's gone
Sister's here and sing's off tone?

Computer's broken, Cat is sick
Dad has lost his keys
We're going miss the church picnic
Don't we have a dog?

Water has been off for days
City has a claim
Our house is like a  broken maze
Have you seen the dog?

Milk and cereal is on my table
It's been there too long
Pick it up? Of course I'm able

Fumes are rising, getting stronger
Help! Lift up the bed
It seems as if  dog's no longer
Oh! I want a puppy!


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