Sunday, April 21, 2013

Consider the Slug (Maybe the easiest manager to work under)


I had a manager once that I once compared to a slug. She was slow, sluggish and had nothing but a slimy personalty.  She was a pitiful human. Having nothing to do most of my day but close cases and put with her, nothing left to do in life but write about her.  

If all management was this fun to write about.  

The Slug

My manager de-personal
Is know to me as “slug”
Not a normal situation
Ne’er animal nor bug.

On the phone most every hour
She's very hermaphroditic*
Her silky body is so slimy
She really makes me sick

Grab the salt my fair co-worker
There goes the apophallation**
We will do-in the wretched queen
We’ll watch the hot sensation

Now my mother's calling me
Ill be gone for just a time
Me thinks of how we'll do her in
And making up this rhyme.

If now my dreams could just come true
I’d get a better leader
When I get back from my house
Perhaps its then I’ll meet her.

A footnote: 
*having both genders
** A commonly seen practice among many slugs is apophallation, when one or both of the slugs chew off the other's penis. (Wikopedia)

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