Monday, April 1, 2013

My father

Just three little words. That's all it took today to bring a tear to my eye.  Just three little words shared between a daughter and her daddy. Although he wasn't Captain America to the rest of the world, he was my hero. I don't know, between the two of us who raised each other more. As I grew up, it was awesome to see him grow up himself. And now that he is gone, it seems I miss him more and more every day.  And, those three little words, you ask? It's not what you think. No I love you but,  "Hop on Pop" (Thank you Dr. Seuss).

Hop on Pop

Daddy, can I hop on pop
Like I read in Seuss’s book?
Daddy? Can I hop on pop?
Daddy! Take a look.

I learned to read the words that day
The book belonged to Matty
“Hop on pop” was what I read
I shared it with my Daddy.

Years went by - just us two
Sharing a laugh about it
I always knew he would there
I could never doubt it.

Even when I was 21
I asked “could I hop on pop?
He said I was too old, and so was he
But the love would never stop.

Can he on pop, I asked,
when he first met my baby boy?
“Hop on pop all you want
Grand kids are my pride and joy.”

Then, Monday morning there
he was Wired up for sound,
His family gathered by his bed.
His grand kids huddled round.

I rubbed his furrowed brow once more
I didn’t want to stop
As a tear passed down his cheeks
I asked," Can I hop on pop?"

It was the last smile I saw that day
With a twinkle in his eye,
A little turning of the lip once more
I wanted just to cry.

As he passed from here to there
I pet his cooling head.
No more pop to share those words,
Just my memories instead.

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