Sunday, March 31, 2013

The vegetarian

So, I was talking to a friend on Facebook the other day and the idea of poetry came up. One thing led to another  and I sent him one of my poems. Now, I have been writing poetry since I was a kid. Inspired by my father, I have always loved putting words together, pushing the limits of my creativity and rhyming words to tell a story. After he had read a few he gently prodded me to start my own blog.

I'm not like my daughter. I don't necessarily like to spend hours with fingers clacking away on the keyboard. However, as my friend said, I need to post my work and make it public. I can't say anyone will ever read my work. But, Voila, here it is.

One of my favorite poets of all times is Carl Sanburg. And though I'll never have his skill or his grace. I do admire his work. Silly to think that I can mention Sandburg in one paragraph and put my poem in the next. But if you want to know who my muse is, it is he.

Having a daughter that is vegetarian and having too much time on my hands one day, this a few short rhymes floated across my thoughts.

The Vegetarian

“I’m a vegetarian” Skippy begins
Contemplating the life of a true vegan
No flesh WILL EVER through my mouth pass
He said with a sneer, sounding crass

“Eat your meal now” mother pleads
She knows the vitamins that he needs
Catsup and relish she pushes near
Just to watch young Skippy sneer

“What’s a vegetarian?” Penny asks
Putting mother to the task
“Anybody that doesn’t want to eat meat,”
 Softly she says “Now take your seat”.

“Oh. The ‘veggies’ with ‘etarian’
Penny cries and sneers at Skippy again
“I’ll only eat meat she said with a grin
That makes me a Meat-aterian!”

“Children. Children!” Mother exclaims
“I’ve heard enough of these silly games.
A “meataterian’s” called a ‘carnivore’”
Now stop eating Fido’s food from the floor

So, a “blank”-etarian eats the stuff
That fills the blank?” this is rough.
So vegetarians eat mostly greens?
It’s coming clear. Now I see!

As father sleeps, TV news floats in
The President’s on the stage again
“Africa’s the place to be
We have to save humanity!”

“Listen children.” Mother glows
To hear the love the president shows
He’s a humanitarian! Skippy’s thought race
To see the horror on Penny’s face.