Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Best friends

Have you got a dog or cat that just can't stand thunder storms? Fortunately our dog would sleep through a nuclear blast. Sometime ago I found this pic on the net. This pic has always stayed with me. My imagination served it's purpose. Consider Miranda and Johnnie. Miranda, obviously the older wiser of the two, tolerates the dog - usually.

Best friends

There once was a cat named Miranda

Who sat still on the veranda

She said to the dog

You eat like a hog

And actually, I really can't stand'ya.

The dog said to the cat in a dither

You sure can make my spirits wither

You're just an old puss

A wretched old wuss

Like a snake, I’ve seen you slither

The cat yelled to the sky
I ought to scratch out your eye

You’re dumb to the bone

And all alone

My loathing will soon make you die

The scrapping went on through the night

The two dodgers fought into the light

When the sun rose

In their repose

They were holding each other quite tight.

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