Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Eva McGrinn, (The wandering ghost of Liberty)

 It's October and time for a ghost poem...

Eva McGrinn
This is the poem of Eva McGrinn
She was first killed in Old Berlin
She died at the sword of Marcher Drone
Withered and naked she died alone

Eva McGrinn walks the halls
She moans of losts and sometimes crawls
Cries of deceit for which she was scorn
A nasty bitch from the day she was born

Hate and evil is her claim to fame
Robbing and murder was her game
Marcher Drone knew her will
And made her his goal that he would kill.

Anger and loathing was her only friend
Orphaned and cold, her will wouldn’t bend.
Slutty for money and disease was her life
Marcher Drone gave her his knife.

That was the end of Eva McGrinn
With the news of her death, everyone wins
“Eva didn’t stay dead” the old people say
But rose in America and wanders today.

Carried by horse back across the divide
At the house on the “Springs” she resides
“LIBERTY LIBERTY” She cries at night
Haunting the houses, she feels just right.

Opening doors and creaking while walking
Waking the babies and stammers your talking
She is too restless to reside with kin
She’s the evil maniacal, Eva McGrinn


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