Friday, January 24, 2014

FSM - My take on the whole thing.

I have observed there are those people who proclaim to be of a specific religion yet haven't worshipped a god since childhood.  There are the arm-chair quarterbacks that believe because they were schooled in a religious family and church they have the right to judge other righteously. And, we can move on to the devout or active believers that proclaim have gods ear. All the way up we go to the professionals who not only are devout, but found a way to make money off Him. Continuing on, we have people that 'draw near to' [him]'with their mouths, but their hearts are far from him'. And we can conclude with those who have spent their life studying, researching and then conclude that there is no "Him" to worship. Were are you?

 I cannot say I have learned all that the professionals have learned. But, I have never had the desire to perfect the craft of religion. I cannot say if the path I took to learn of a "Him" was the right path. I will tell you that I have done a plethora of research. I have studied, prayed, fasted, bled, cried, searched sought instruction. I have done all within my power to develop a testimony of a "Him".  Uh yeah, it didn't work. Despite my best work, I cannot tell you I am right. I cannot tell you what happens after our life on this planet ends.

I once saw a Meme on Face Book that said "Using the bible to prove there is a god is like using Harry Potter's books to prove the existence of Dumbledore".  I will not begin to tell you I am right or judge you for your belief.  My belief? I just don't know.  I cannot begin to believe the words of man.  And, as of yet, there is nothing to tangibly establish a post mortal existence.  I guess The closest I can get to religion is, I believe we may be a spiritual being having an earthly experience.

Don't choke.  I said it. I do believe that something happens after we die. I also said, 'I don't know.' How can I know. I haven't died yet. Right now, I have everything to live for. I have less than 50 years left to do everything I want and experience my bucket list.  My life is my search for truth. Shall you walk with me?

We learn of Man's search for happiness
As we walk this earth
We learn of our kin's expectations
And of our own self worth.

We go to church, temple and pray
To Allah, God, Buddha and "Him"
As children we learn the "truth"
And earth life can seem quite grim

While you walking this existence
Pray if you want, Okay
But don't use a god to Reconcile
your bad behavior today

If in the name of the god you love,
your father teaches hate
You're being taught bigotry
But, you're alive and it's not to late.

Search your scriptures, read your books
strip off all your sins
Learn to love with out condition
Now your path begins

Because if you're still, like a sheep
And choose not to feed your quest
You'll remain just like that sheep
and never know what's best. (c)


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