Thursday, October 23, 2014

The thoughts of Woowoo

He was called many names; Boozer, Bowwow, Doggers, Mr. Mc Bowwow and Woozers. But, mostly he was called Woowoo. His name? His name was Devin Michael Oribhabor. And for 14 years he was our dog .  He was loved, rarely stepped on and will be missed terribly. He was my kid's only pet. He was a dog that took my husband 17 years to agree upon. He was a story, a source of humor, a constant companion. He was our fifth kid.

No clacking of dog nails across the floor
No lapping of water any more
No snores of slumber in life’s content
No panting from running when energy’s spent.

The sound of spies dare not cough
The whisper of crickets leaping off
The silence of atoms floating about
The hum of your brain cells filled with doubt

 See the silence of tears at night
See the sighs of quiet. It’s right.
See the sounds of a house that’s still
See the morning come up because it will

A dog has taken his last car ride
A trooper by nature, he really tried
An injection of pink to calm his strife
A quiet big “Woo-Woo” now has no life.

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