Thursday, May 2, 2013


If you have a teenager, or if you are "blessed" with the joys of being ADD, Then you will appreciate my situation. I am over 50. And as I get older, I struggle more and more to stay calm, stay focused and stay at my desk. ADD isn't something one necessarily grows out of.

It’s the little round amphetamines
that I mean to take
That keeps me on my tasks each day
But don’t keep me awake

Perhaps I can do some Adderall
Down the hall today
To hasten on my profession
And in my seat I’ll stay.

I wish it wasn’t anxiety
That gets so serious
But I’m inflicted with such pains
I get delirious.

ADD’s prescriptions are
Tons above the rest
For giving me the peace of mind
So I can do my best

An elderly broad I might be
Maybe not a young chick
But give me tax code for the rich
And my drugs will do the trick

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